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Can You Get Big with Natural Bodybuilding?

The distinguishing factor for natural bodybuilding is that it relies on natural substances for the nutritional base to build the body. This is opposed to drug-supported bodybuilding, which employs chemicals to enlarge the body. And the chemicals actually go beyond just the nutritional aspect as these chemicals allow for quicker recovery and faster muscle growth. And there is an obvious difference between using this chemical support and not using it.

So is it possible to get big if you don’t go the drug route? Yes and no. You can indeed become much bigger and more powerful than you were when you first started training. You can literally pack inches of muscle on your arms and everywhere else, and your lifting capabilities can rise strongly as well. It is possible to put on real size naturally. If you want more assurance, check out some pictures of John Grimek online. Grimek competed as a bodybuilder before steroids arrived in the United States and he had a powerful, thick build that came from training and eating naturally. He built substantial arms. So yes, it is possible to become big by training naturally.

You can become quite big training naturally, but the other side of the coin is two-fold – you won't become big as fast as the drug-using bodybuilders do, and you won't become as big as they become. Using drugs allows them to get big fast, and to become extremely big in the process. Some of these guys get close to 300 pounds or so of muscle at a very low body-fat level, and it is the drugs that allows them to do this.

The upside of training naturally is that you can sleep soundly at night – no worries about side effects from drugs. And the size you build is the size you get to keep. For the drug-user, when they step away from using the drugs, they shrink rapidly and in a major manner. You can hardly recognize some of them when they come off the drugs.

You can become fairly big training naturally and it is worth the effort to get there.

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