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Stubborn Calves

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Have you ever seen people who don't even lift weights that have tremendous calf development? I do all the time. I've pounded calves for twenty years and always have some of the best calves when entering a national level bodybuilding show, but still will find people who don't even lift that have calves that rival or surpass mine. It's crazy, but it happens.

My calves weren't always a good bodypart. They weren't bad, but didn't really stand out. This was even after 3-4 years of serious training. However, I didn't give up on them. I kept hammering them religiously twice per week as hard as I could. Eventually, my calves caught up with the rest of my body.

If your calves are lagging and you feel like giving up because you're getting nowhere with them. Be patient. Your calves will grow. It just takes this stubborn muscle a little longer to respond than others. Some exercises which seem to work better for me are calf presses on the 45 degree angled leg press machine, and seated calf raises. I credit these two exercises with putting on the bulk of the mass that now resides on my lower leg.

Before I forget, if you see one of these giant-calved, pot-bellied golfers walking around this Summer and you start to get jealous, just remember....they don't have your arms, pecs, and abs...and probably never will.

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