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Killer Tricep Workout

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Summertime is coming and you're going to have that shirt off at the beach or pool. Everyone wants to have impressive arms when they pull off that shirt, so I figured now might be a good time to post an article that will add inches to your arms and make the triceps swell. To get your triceps looking like horseshoes, read on.

First off, start with a power movement - lying french presses a.k.a., "Skull Crushers." This is the exercise where you are lying flat on a bench and take the E-Z curl bar (the bar that's bent for gripping) and then slowly lower the bar from an arms extended position to directly over your forehead. I like to lower them to just above the bridge of my nose, around brow level. You then extend your arms and press the weight up. Always be careful when doing these and use a spotter. Do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Next, do a superset. Your triceps are already pre-exhausted from the skull crushers, but we'll pre-exhaust them further by starting with standing press downs. Do this exercise on a lat pull-down machine or a multipurpose machine like the cable crossover. Do around 8-12 reps on pressdowns. When finished with your pressdown set, get on a dip rack as fast as possible. Many gyms have them located near another piece of equipment that you can do pressdowns on. This makes it a very quick transition, which is necessary. You really don't want over 5 seconds rest if possible. Do as many dips as you can. If your rest isn't very long, it shouldn't be many or you didn't go to failure on the pressdowns. Do 3 supersets of these two exercises.

Finish with seated 1 arm overhead dumbbell french presses. This is the exercise where you are seated with some back support and you extend your arm straight up. When performing the exercise, you allow your arm to bend back behind your head so that the dumbbell just misses the back of your head, and then extend it back to the beginning position. You won't be able to handle alot of weight with this exercise, but pick a weight that will allow you to do at least 8-10 repetitions. Do 3 sets.

This program should fry your triceps and get them on the road to growth in no time. Make sure you are consuming plenty of protein for muscle growth and good luck with your training!

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