Leg Press Squat Comparison

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Leg Press vs Squat

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I often get asked if it is better to leg press or squat. You'll run into newbies, who think they are hardcore, that will tell you that you have to squat. The truth is, I've went over a year without squatting before and came into a bodybuilding contest with the biggest, hardest, most developed legs, I've ever had. 1990 AAU Mr. America, Pete Miller, had the most impressive legs I had ever seen in person. Pete just did 6 sets of leg press and leg curls for his entire leg workout!

I love to squat. I always have. I enjoy getting under the bar and going for a new personal record. However, is squatting crucial to maximum leg development? Probably not, if you perform the leg press exercise with passion and determination and in correct form. Another problem that you need to be cautious about when squatting is the thickening of your obliques and glutes. Extreme heavy squatting can throw your symmetry off.

Am I telling you not to squat? Of course not. Squatting should be a staple leg exercise in every athlete's strength training or bodybuilding program. I am just trying to point out that if you can't squat for one reason or another or it is a highly undesirable activity for you, you can make nice leg gains with other exercises. I try to keep both exercises in my leg training program. I usually alternate them from week to week.

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