Is liquid creatine any good?

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Liquid creatine reviews

Posted by Sting

I read a good sidebar in a recent issue of MuscleMag that talked about liquid creatine being a scam. It stated that scientifically "creatine can only remain stable in a liquid environment for a very short period of time".

Because the creatine becomes unstable it also becomes diluted in strength. The article claimed that a study was done on a particular brand of liquid creatine and it found that you'd have to consume 1000 servings if you wanted to get ten grams of creatine!

To top it off some of these products are outrageously expensive! The supplementation companies continue to rip off "joe average". Kudos to MMI for taking a stand on this one and for creating public awareness!

Re: Liquid creatine reviews

Posted by hulk

I was of the understanding that creatine broke down in liquid form and should be mixed and drank at the same time. Unless they had found a way to stop this breakdown it must be a scam.

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