Military press best shoulder workout

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Military press workout

Posted by cpods

Recently I have been doing military presses for my Thursday workout. In two months my shoulders have increased in size and my strength has increased in this exercise as well. I am trying to get to the point where I can press 225 clean (I am able to do it with a little push from the legs, then try to hold the weight for a 3 count). The workout I have been using is as follows: hang cleans 3x6 ( a great grip builder, also hits the traps in a way shrugs cannot). Military press 1x 10, 1x 8, 1x 6, 1x4, and 1x1. I follow this up with some seated cable rows (10, 8, 6 ), then I'll either do 45s (grab a 45lb plate, and sitting down, press the weight straight out for 15 reps, then at a 45 degree for 15, then finally overhead for 15). Or, I'll do one set of front raises to exhaustion, supersetted with standing dumbell presses using a light weght. If anyone is looking for a new shoulder routine to try, this might be worth a look.

Re: Military press workout

Posted by lifter

Without a doubt, the military press ranks at the top of the list. It is considered a power exercise and develops the shoulders the way the benchpress develops the chest.

Thanks for passing on the great shoulder workout. It's been a long time since my shoulders felt this pumped!

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