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Having Trouble Getting A Pump

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Everyone gets to the point in their training at some time when they feel like they just aren't getting anything out of their workout anymore. Usually this doesn't happen with your entire body at once. It's usually just one bodypart so trainers will think it's bodypart specific. A typical comment might be, "I just can't get a pump in my chest anymore." If the workout that used to give you incredible pumps isn't producing the same results it used to. You have adapted to it. It's time to change.

This may sound like a simple solution, but I don't know how many trainers I've run into that continually spin their wheels month after month pounding their old workout into the ground and get nowhere with it. It's hard to recognize when your program is no longer working or if you're just having a bad workout. So many other outside factors like sleep, diet, stress, etc. can come into play and halt your gains.

A good rule of thumb would be the following. If you are not under any new undue stress, you've been getting plenty of sleep, your diet has been good, your workouts have been consistent and intense, and you have had three non-productive workouts in a row for a specific bodypart, then change your workout. The changes need not be dramatic.

One change that often works for me is to simply modify my rep ranges. If I have been working with lower reps (6 or less) then I switch to a moderate and higher rep program for the same exercises (10-20). Following the higher rep program for as little as four weeks will allow me to feel productive in my workouts. Afer a four week period, I'll go back to the moderate and lower rep program and the gains will start coming again.

No. It's not just you or your chest. :-) We all go through times when bodyparts quit responding for us. Recognize the time for a change and your time in the gym will be more productive.

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