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Does the pump build muscle

Posted by Grant

I rarely see much talk on this subject. From my own experience I know how important the pump is to muscle growth. I've read that many bodybuilders support this principle through articles and forum posts.

Weider also taught this and called it the flushing principle where you work the muscle to a stage where it is flushed with blood to obtain the maximum pump. It is important not to move on to the next muscle until the one you are training reaches this stage.

I got into this habit over the past year and the gains are substantial particularly when I look back at the way I was training a couple of years ago and progress was real slow.

Re: Does the pump build muscle

Posted by Paul

This is my thoughts on the matter you could get an amazing pump with very light weights and doing super high reps, but in the long run this will not cause much if any in the way of real muscle growth.

But with that said, for maximum muscle development you do need to do both heavier weights for 6 to 8 reps and some lighter sets of 12 to 20 reps.

This is what work best for most natural bodybuilders.

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