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Natural Anabolic Supplement

natural anabolic supplement

The Russians are on top of a lot of things (for instance, we have to use their technology to get our satellites into space) and one of these areas is supplementation. At the top of that list is Ecdy-Bolin. The Russians created a dynamic supplement in phytochemical form from natural herbs. Herbs can be quite powerful and the Russians employed a specific compound in Cyanotis vaga and Rhaponticum/Leuzeae to come up with Ecdy-Bolin.

Ecdy-Bolin works to keep your body in positive nitrogen balance (key to muscle growth) as well as increase protein synthesis in the body. Both factors are central to getting bigger and both enhance more muscle mass in the human physique. The unique substances in Ecdysterone pump up the bodyís hemoglobin levels in a way that develops mature red blood cells and in turn produces an anabolic stimulation process. All of this activity in the body leads to the ultimate result Ė building muscle while at the same time reducing body fat. For a bodybuilder, that mix is magic.

Interestingly, studies on this substance have shown it to be more effective than taking regular protein, bringing about a muscle gain and a fat loss at the same time. You canít beat that if you are seeking to build a better body.

Along with this magical effect comes an increase in both energy and endurance. Ecdysterone is one of the most effective supplements you can take and it comes from natural herb sources so you donít have the side effects that you would get from chemical alternatives. If you are looking for some help taking your physique to a higher level of development, this mighty supplement is the answer.

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