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Benefits of Natural Bodybuilding

The benefits of natural bodybuilding have been extensively studied over the last 30 years but there are often other holistic benefits that most bodybuilders get without being aware of them. Science has proven what it calls sacropenia, which is the normal muscle loss and strength loss as we get older.

In a book written by Waneed Spiriduso called "Physical Dimensions of Aging" it tells us that muscular decline starts at around 50 where we lose between 1% to 1.5% of muscle each year. The book then explains that after the age of 70 we lose 3% of our muscle every year.

The obvious increase in muscle mass and strength we get when we train our first year is easy to see and feel, but this positive adaptation in health gets compounded over time resulting in the increase in bone density and connective tissue. When we train on a regular basis we stimulate the bone to increase the strength and bone density.

As we get older our bones get more brittle leading to osteoporosis often worse in women which can easily be turned around by regular strength training. Some studies show that training can even reverse the bone loss that causes osteoporosis, increasing longevity and health generally.

An aspect of the natural bodybuilding benefits often overlooked by most commentators is the life management benefits one will develop when training with weights on a regular basis. Often the life management skills needed to plan and execute correct nutrition with intense training on a regular basis to ensure muscle gain leads to a highly effective, disciplined, capable and holistically well rounded competitor in any market or sport.

On the negative side any bodybuilder is at risk of injury to the connective tissue which needs to be always kept in mind when training to ensure correct form and training technique to avoid these types of injuries at all times. Another aspect which should be considered when bodybuilding is the risk of tearing your aorta in your heart with bodybuilding.

It all comes from a study that was done that showed us that 10 out of the 31 individuals monitored experienced a torn aorta from hard training and the researchers concluded the study by saying that this problem could be avoided if all new bodybuilders first get a doctors permission to train hard.

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