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Natural Bodybuilding Food List

Any good natural bodybuilder knows very well that eating correctly is completely impossible without any planning. Just as your workouts need some planning, your nutrition will only serve you any good when you can plan ahead and not resort to rushing out to grab a burger cos you are hungry.

So a food list should be considered before going into the store so that you know what you should be looking for. We will list the ideal or best protein sources and then the best carbohydrate sources ending with the best fat that you can buy. The cost of these items is taken into account as well:


Egg preferably organic eggs but always 1 whole egg with every 3 whites.

Liquid Egg Whites - pure egg whites which are a bit more convenient but you will pay a little more.

Skinless Chicken Breast/Cutlets always lean and inexpensive with a high quality protein that will be a staple in any bodybuilders every diet.

Lean Ground Turkey Very lean good quality protein but a little more expensive when compared to chicken breast.

Top Round Steak - Lean cut meat will have more fat than the same weight of chicken but a good protein source.

Filet Mignon - lean cut of meat but can be very expensive.

Buffalo Good quality protein lean red meat but super expensive.

Flounder - Inexpensive lean fish.

Cod - Inexpensive lean fish.

Pollock - Lean fish a bit more expensive.

Wild Salmon Very healthy fatty fish but quite costly.

Canned Tuna - Lean inexpensive fish in brine and not oil.

Turkey Bacon is a leaner than bacon can be a little expensive depending where you live.

Lean Ground Beef Only if it is at least 90% lean, great off-season protein.

Cottage Cheese - Slow digesting protein but great before bed for that reason. The slow release of protein while your muscles are repairing makes for a perfect snack.

Pork Tenderloin - Inexpensive lean protein.

Wild Sea Bass - Lean high quality protein but expensive.

Wild Swordfish - Lean high quality protein very expensive.


Oatmeal - a great complex carb that is slow digesting and will not spike sugar levels/insulin levels.

Steel Cut Oats Quite similar to oatmeal but a slower digesting carb which is good.

Fruit - All fruits are good however some are better than others like Blueberries because of the antioxidants and bananas for post-workout carbs. Best to have in the morning as they digest faster than complex carbs.

Vegetables Just like fruit you can't go wrong whenever you eat veggies of any sort. You should try to have at least one green vegetable a day for optimal health.

Sweet Potatoes/Yams - Is a slow digesting carb. That is often very tasty if prepared correctly. Brown Rice A good slow digesting complex carb.

White Rice Not as good as brown rice as it digests faster but is always cheaper.

Whole Wheat Bread The less processed the flour is that the bread is made from the better the bread is for you. The heavier the bread, the healthier the bread.

Cream Of Wheat Is a fast digesting carb and a poor substitute for white rice.

Cream of Rice A fast digesting substitute for white rice.


Olive Oil/Flaxseed Oil The best source of good quality fat and easy to add to any dish.

Fish Oil Great source for healthy fats.

Almond Butter/Cashew Butter fat from nuts is extremely digestible and completely natural.

Almonds - Great fat plus you get some good protein.

Pecans - Great fat source and you get a little protein as well.

Walnuts - Great fat source and you get a bit of protein as well.

Cashews - Great fat source and you get protein.

Natural Peanut Butter It needs to be unprocessed making a wonderful source of good quality fat with some protein added.

Avocados Very healthy fat source.

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