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Natural Muscle Building Supplement

natural muscle building supplement

If you are going to get a pump, the only way to go is extreme and that is also true for the nutritional support you provide your body to get that pump. And for a maximum pump what better to use than an advanced formula creatine product? Thatís exactly what Pumped Extreme is, a special form of creatine for the best results.

The special creatine form used in Pumped Extreme is Kre-Alkalyn. Kre-Alkalyn boasts a higher Ph level than typical creatine offerings and that is beneficial because this form of creatine skirts around the bloating issue. Bloating turned out to be big problem with most of the creatine products that have come to market.

Many forms of creatine provide some gains but also cause a high degree of water retention. The body can bloat quite a bit if you use the wrong creatine form and that may make you briefly bigger but only in the way a sausage is bigger from retained liquid. You want real muscle size, not water size, and Kre-Alkalyn provides that. This special form of creatine also avoids the nasty and unwanted transformation into creatine byproducts such as creatinine that often occurs in inferior creatine products.

This form of creatine also provides for an easier absorption by the body. Each serving contains 1400 mg. of creatine, equivalent to 10 grams of the inferior offerings.

Pumped Extreme also contains 600 mg of taurine, a muscle cell volume agent, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and a good amount of Vanadyl Sulfate (which boosts the effectiveness of creatine). Together they add up to a powerful muscle cocktail.

Pumped Extreme Kre-Alkalyn Supplement 90 Capsules only $39.95 Plus $7.00 S&H

And in addition, you'll get our FREE "Muscle Volumizing Course" the secrets for obtaining maximum muscle size!

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