New Year Fitness Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions

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People reading this column probably have different new year resolutions than most people. The average joe is probably trying to quit smoking, quit drinking, lose 20lbs., or something similar. You're probably looking to add 50lbs. to your bench, improve the sweep on your thighs, or put more flare on your lats. You're a different breed and you need to remember that.

While most of your coworkers will be proud just making it back to the gym, your goal needs to be consistency. Consistency in all aspects of bodybuilding and strength training will bring you the results you are looking for.

You need to be consistent with your training, diet, and rest. These are the three factors that will bring about physique changes that you are looking for.

Don't miss workouts! Make it your goal that you will miss less than 5 scheduled workouts this year. That is more than possible. I missed less than 5 over an 8 year span. I'm not including scheduled time off as part of a good training program. I mean workouts that you just literally blow off for one reason or another.

Eat regularly and eat quality foods. You need to be eating at least five times per day, but six would be better. Meal replacement powders, weight gainers, or protein drinks can be up to three of these meals, but at least three need to come from solid foods. You should be including a good multi-vitamin/mineral in your diet also to ensure you have plenty of micronutrients to make muscle gains.

Rest is an important factor to pay attention to. Get at least six hours of sleep per night. Seven to eight hours of shut eye would be better, but don't go below six very often. Try to to partake in too much strenuous activity outside of the gym. Take naps on weekends if you have the chance.

If you want to look different than average, you have to live a lifestyle that is different than average. Always keep that in mind. It's not just about going to the gym and banging out some reps on the bench press and squat. It's about being consistent - something most people can't seem to find the discipline to do.

Good luck in the new year with your strength and fitness goals!

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