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how much cardio did lifters do in the 50s?

Posted by Joe

I enjoy reading about routines followed by the lifters of the golden era, but I wonder how these lifters approach cardio? Was jogging the main cardio activity, or did they do any cardio at all? I can't imagine Reg Park doing 45 min. of cardo 5x/week on top of his intense weight regiment, yet he was in superb shape. Was there any endomorphic body types during this time (body types who gain fat easily), and how did they get lean?

Re: how much cardio did lifters do in the 50s?

Posted by TS

Cardio back in the 50's was not unheard of but I'd have to say that it was not popular amongst most bodybuilders. Sure some guys rode a bike or went for a run but most would rather spend their energy for an example, doing ten sets of squats to build their cardiovascular. Squats are a powerful cardiovascular exercise that allows you to build muscle at the same time.

When you look at some of the training routines of bodybuilders from the golden era, they were so rigorous that adding cardio was not sustainable.

Now you have guys out there running 5 miles on an empty stomach thinking they are going to lose excess inches. But instead of burning fat they end up burning lean muscle tissue. I think people forget that weight training itself is an EXCELLENT cardiovasuclar exercise. Some experts claim that in many ways it is safer for the heart than running or other high-intensity cardio exercises.

Eat a good clean, healthy diet and train hard in the gym is the best way.

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