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Physique Assessment

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When is the last time you honestly assessed your physique? Are you developing your muscles evenly? Are you reaching your fitness goals? Without periodic assessment, you could just be spinning your wheels.

Physique Assessment is necessary to ensure that your training and diet are moving in the right direction. Simpy looking at the scale, mirror, and poundages that you are moving is not enough. You need to have a complete picture of your entire body reviewed and analyzed approximately once every 6 months to see how you are progressing.

A good idea is to have someone snap pictures of you with as minimal clothing as possible (shorts for men, and bathing suit for ladies) from the front, back, and both sides standing relaxed. Then have pictures taken from all sides hitting your favorite muscular pose. You can then evaluate your development more easily than just looking in a mirror. Things to look for are the following:

  • Are you balanced from upper body to lower?
  • Are your arms in proportion with your torso and legs?
  • Do your calves look like they match your thighs in muscular development?
  • Do your hamstrings match your quads?
  • Are your front and rear delts balanced?
  • Does your back have both good width and thickness?
There are many other things to notice, but those are some of the most common physique flaws I see that trainers are not noticing.

After you do your own personal assessment, try to find someone else who will give you an honest opinion. It should be someone who understands bodybuilding or at least a fitness expert. Compare their critique with your personal critique. If they differ, then look at your pictures again and see if you missed something. It is much harder to assess your own body than someone else's.

After assessing what needs to be done, restructure your training program to target your weak areas. Save the pictures and notes in a training journal or progress journal, and check again in about six months. You'll be on your way to the next step in physique development and the enitre bodybuilding process.

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