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Bodybuilding Contest Posing Trunks

Presentation is everything in a bodybuilding competition and choosing a pair of posing trunks that suite you is vitally important just like anything else added to your final presentation. When selecting posing trunks there should be a number of different factors taken into consideration.

You will even find a chart online that explains all the different options that you can choose from. Before you start selecting the best color for your posing trunks you should first select the type of posing trunks that you like.

Descriptions like ‘sits high on hips’ or ‘full cut-back’ are just a few the descriptions of different posing trunks. If you have never competed in a bodybuilding competition before then the idea of standing in front of a crowd of people with no clothes can be a bit intimidating for some. Posing trunks have come under a lot of criticism amongst your friends who hear about your objective to compete for the first time.

Posing trunks have been called a number of different names ranging from man panties to the banana hammock, the list seems endless. Today posing trunks have become big money and there are a number of different styles like the Pro style or the American and European style posing trunks.

Once you have selected a style that you are comfortable with you then need to choose a color. Always bear in mind when purchasing posing trunks that you should take two pairs to the contest as the chances of oil dripping down you trunks and staining are always there.

Selecting a dark color like black or dark brown is a good idea if you want to avoid the judges noticing the oil strain seeping into your trunks. Usually the average skin color seen on most bodybuilders will be a deep bronze or copper color. This means that you should limit yourself to certain colors that you feel comfortable wearing.

It is best to ask someone who has competed more than once and ask them about the reason they selected a specific color as this will help you to decide what’s best for you and your skin color. All professional bodybuilders will tell you to be careful splashing too much oil on your body before you go onstage.

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