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Pre-Exhausting For Shock

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So are you getting tired of going into the gym and doing the same straight set workout time and time again? Have your gains been hard to find lately? Whenever I start hitting plateaus, I look for ways to get my interest back into training. One way that always works is to start doing some pre-exhaustion training for a few workouts.

Pre-exhaustion is a technique where you perform an isolation exercise for a particular body part and follow it up immediately with a compound movement for the same body part. A good example would be starting a shoulder workout with dumbbell side laterals and then immediately upon finishing the side of laterals (3 seconds or less) performing a set of Smith Machine Behind the neck presses.

By performing the isolation movement first, you "pre-exhaust" the intended muscle. Then when you switch to the compound exercise, one with several muscle groups involved, you can continue to blast the targetted muscle into new growth.

Let's look at our example of the benefits of Pre-Exhausting. Since the shoulder presses also involve the triceps also to a large extent, you can now be assured due to the pre-exhaustion technique that your shoulders will fail before your triceps do. Your shoulders will be burning like never before.

You can also take this idea and apply to the rest of your body parts such as chest, back, arms, legs, etc.

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