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Protein Bars or Drinks?

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Protein bars seem to be the rage these days. I'm not really sure why. I realize that they are little more convenient than protein drinks or meal replacements. However, that convenience comes at a price.

If you compare gram for gram, you will always get more protein for your money by going for drinks over bars. However, when using protein drinks or meal replacement powders like Opti-Pro Meal you have to plan ahead and pack them in a shaker jug. These are found at your local grocery store or Wal-mart for under a dollar usually. Another thing I've noticed about protein bars is that the best tasting bars usually have high carbohydrates in them. This isn't the case with MRP's and protein powders. Keeping your carbs lower during meal replacements, whether it be bars or powders, allows you to eat more carbs at other meals throughout the day and still stay lean.

Which one is right for you? That is a decision you'll have to make. Both are good choices and work nicely to fill a meal gap when you just don't have time or it's not convenient to eat a regular meal - like at work. If you go with a bar, the best tasting is the Promax from Sportpharma. However, it has about 29g of carbs per bar. If you're looking for the best tasting low carb bar, go with the Complete Protein Diet Bar from Optimum Nutrition.

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