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The Best $2.00 You Ever Spent

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How many times have you missed a meal due to being too busy to find time to eat? How many times have you had to stay over at work or work through lunch to get a project done and missed a meal? It happens all of the time. In order to stick with a strict eating schedule that will allow you to make the best possible muscle gains and burn the most fat, you're going to have to plan ahead.

The first thing you need to do is go to your local discount super store or supermarket and purchase a 16oz portable drink container with a screw on lid. Actually, you should purchase several of them. They cost about $2.00 a piece and it will be some of the best money you've ever spent. Trust me.

Take a protein meal replacement with you in powdered form in the shaker every time you leave the house. When things come up and normally you'd have to miss a regularly scheduled feeding, all you need to do is hit the nearest water fountain, sink, or drive-thru and KABOOM! Instant meal. You won't have to worry about going 6-7 hours between meals and falling into a negative nitrogen balance due to missing a meal.

Almost all protein powders mix excellently in shakers. The Pro Complex powder by Optimum Nutrition and their Whey powder do just fine. However, meal replacement powders like Dymatize Total Nutrition System or Champion's Ultramet work better with a hand held blender. These usually run around $18-20, but are also well worth the investment. A packet of Dymatize, a 32oz plastic stadium cup, and a hand held blender make eating on the go easy!

Being a Vice President at a bank, I rely heavily on MRP's and protein powders for my nutrition. I'm just thankful we have this wonderful tasting stuff now compared to the junk we had in the '80's! My God has sports nutrition made great strides in the past years.

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