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Bodybuilding Contest Pump Up

Many bodybuilders stop training completely three days before the contest and just concentrate on posing. This makes a lot of sense when one thinks about the importance of the ‘pump’ when stepping onstage. This pump is achieved by using light weights with a lot of reps as you know.

However pumping your triceps and biceps will only reduce any definition or striations that you might be able to show. The same applies to legs as the more blood you push there the less definition you will have. No squats should be done when pumping up backstage.

If you walk backstage in any bodybuilding competition you will see bodybuilders lying on their backs with their legs up against the wall as they attempt to drain the legs of any excess blood in order to improve definition. There are bodybuilders who know their bodies so well that they know exactly what movements to do in order to get the pump.

It will depend on how your body looks when you pump the muscles in your back and chest and that only comes from training in front of a mirror with a low body-fat. There are many bodybuilders who simply do one set of push-ups to failure before going onstage.

Often a pump can be achieved just from posing but that type of pump comes from practice and knowing your body. It takes time and practice when having a conversation with your body in order to know exactly what works best for your own body.

The experts recommend that pumping the biceps and triceps will be counter-productive. But that will depend how much body-fat you carry and if you have loaded carbohydrates while decreasing your salt intake the chances of you showing two heads on your biceps and all three striated heads on your triceps are much better and pumping these muscle groups is therefore not recommended.

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