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Push Pull Weight Lifting Routine

It can be a hazardous road to travel trying to find a routine that works best for your body. However there are some pitfalls that should be avoided at all costs and creating a push/pull/leg routine is a foolproof way of avoiding this problem.

There are many variations that one can use when setting up a training routine. For example the pushing movements can be done with a pulling movement between each pushing movement but then it turns into a very long workout, so bodybuilders have opted for the push on one day followed by the pull on the next day and the third day for legs.

So your primary push body-parts are chest, shoulders and triceps with your pulling body-parts the back and biceps. Legs would include quads, hamstrings and calves usually done on the same day. Training like this is simple and effective as you will avoid any type of overlap that often happens in workout routines that try to cover too much in one workout.

It makes sense when we think about how the triceps are directly involved in the bench-press and if your training routine was to train triceps and/or shoulders the next day you can see the potential for problems as you start to over-train. So the objective when training a push/pull routine is to keep it simple which the 3 day split routine shown below as an example shows very clearly.

Week 1:
Monday: Push (3 sets of Chest, Shoulders and Triceps)
Tuesday: Pull (3 sets of Back and 3 for Biceps)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Legs (3 sets of Quads, Hamstrings and Calves plus finishing off with Abs)
Friday: off
Saturday: Push (3 sets of Chest, Shoulders and Triceps)
Sunday: Pull (3 sets of Back and 3 of Biceps)
Week 2:
Monday: off
Tuesday: Legs (3 sets of Quads, Hamstrings and Calves plus finish with Abs)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Push (3 sets of Chest, Shoulders and Triceps)
Friday: Pull (3 sets of Back and 3 sets for Biceps)
Saturday: off
Sunday: Legs (3 sets of Quads, Hamstrings and Calves, then finish with Abs)

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