Pyramid vs straight sets

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5 sets of 6 or 10,8,6,6 routine?

Posted by mk

Hi Ya,

Just wondering right now I am doing 5 sets of 6 on all my routines in my workout, someone was telling me about something about doing 10,8,6,6 adding more weight on each set, now is this better than 5 sets of 6? Any info would be appreciated :O)


Re: 5 sets of 6 or 10,8,6,6 routine?

Posted by Spencer

Five sets of 6 reps is one of the best formulas for making gains in the gym. How long have you being working out this way? Do you increase your weights regularly?

The routine you described is called the pyramid although you should trying doing it with 6 reps. Start by doing six reps, add weight, do five reps add weight, etc. until you are down to a single rep. It is good to challenge the muscles once and a while by changing your routine.

Re: 5 sets of 6 or 10,8,6,6 routine?

Posted by TJ

Using the pyramid approach to training is a great way to hit both types of muscle fibers.Slow twitch fibers, respond better to lower reps, and fast twitch respond to higher reps.Pyramiding allows you to do both, getting the best of both world`s and also allowing for a good progressive warm-up as sets get heavier, and reps decrease. You will have to make fairly big poundage jumps on bigger exercises like benches and squats and smaller jumps on curls and such. Hitting both types of fibers allows for complete development of a muscle.

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