Rear Delt Exercises

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Working the Rear Delts

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Whenever I'm training my rear delts (that's short for rear deltoids or the back of the shoulders), I will most assuredly be asked by a bystander what muscle group I'm working. Most guesses offered by the onlookers are usually wrong. I here everything but rear delts when they are trying to figure out what I'm training. That's when I realized there must be alot of confusion about how to train this specific area.

First let's be realistic. This is an advanced area to be targetting. Beginners would be best to concentrate on the basic compound movements like Shoulder Presses, which will hit the rear delts along with the rest of the shoulder muscle. However, once you've got a good solid base of muscle and you're beginning to refine your physique, you'll want to start doing some specific work for certain areas of each muscle group.

Rear delt exercises come in different varieties, but they all have one thing in common. Your arms must be arced backwards from a position in front of your body to a position back and to the outside of your body. My favorite exercise is to take a movable incline bench and position it at about a 30-35 degree angle. I then lay face down, with my chin resting on the pad and head slightly looking up, on the bench and let my arms hang straight down. I take a dumbbell in each hand and arc them outward as far as I can up and back until they are positioned to the outside of my body. While doing this, I keep a slight elbow bend. This bend doesn't change throughout the entire movement. It's important to think of pushing the dumbbells out as much as back in an arcing fashion. Keep control of the dumbbells at all times, don't just swing them up and down. I'll do anywhere from 12-15 reps and around 3 sets of this exercise.

Having good rear delt development can accent your physiques appearance. It will make you look wider and more powerful. When you're ready to take that next step in bodybuilding, give my favorite rear delt exercise a try. I think you'll see why I like it so much. However, be ready for some questions from the other gym members.

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