Reverse Preacher Curls

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Preacher Curls

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Preacher Curls are one of my favorite exercises for biceps. Nothing else seems to pump and burn my biceps like this exercise. However, I put a little twist on the movement.

Most preacher curls have a bench portion that is removable. One side has an angle slightly steeper than 45 degrees and the other side is usually at a 90 degree angle. I like remove the padded portion of the bench and turn it around so the 90 degree angle is the one I'm using to do my curls. It seems to stress the biceps at the top of the movement (contraction phase) more and create a better pump.

If you've never tried doing preacher curls this way, give it a shot. If you preacher curl bench doesn't have the removable pin option, see if you can do the curls on the bench backwards. It may not be possible in all cases. Good luck blasting those biceps!

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