Serratus muscle development

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Serratus muscle separation and definition

Posted by Darren

I consulted the some othe boards to find out if anyone knew how bodybuilders develop the three lines of separation between the serratus muscle and the lats.

Unfortunately I still haven't made any headway. Any comments/suggestions would be most appreciated.



Re: Serratus muscle separation and definition

Posted by Leo

Hi Darren,

During my competition days, I succeeded to develop the serratus muscle through the bent arms pullover (one of my favorites) and the straight arms pullover (a less popular exercise today but still a winner). These exercises not only develop the serratus and Latissimus Dorsi but also will help strengthen the midsection and make the ribcage appear wider.

Another exercise that can develop this triple ridge of muscle is the one arm bent pullover. Lie down sideways on a bench with your neck fully supported (similar to the position you take for the bent arms pullover but instead you are lying on your side) and grasp a dumbbell down by your side. Then raise the dumbbell and bend your elbow over your head in a bent arm pullover fashion until you receive a good full stretch. As you return to the starting position, straighten your arm as you lower the dumbbell. While doing this exercise it is important to concentrate on the lats muscle to receive maximum benefit. Best wishes,


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