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Variations of Shoulder Presses

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Shoulder presses probably have the most alternative options available of any weight training exercise. You can do barbell presses in the standing or seated position. You can do the in front of your head or behind. You can do dumbbell presses. You have the option of using the smith machine. You can also use one of many selectorized weight stack machines. How do you know which one is right for you?

I have tried every type of shoulder press option available. I suggest that you do the same. One or two of the exercises will surface as really standing out above the others with respect to how your muscles felt when doing it. This will be a good indicator of which is going to work best for you. It's good to have a couple that you can use as staples of your shoulder program, and then alternate them when you become stale with your workouts.

I prefer smith machine or free weight barbell presses to the front for my main mass building shoulder exercise. Presses behind the neck always seem to give me shoulder socket problems. However, I have shorter arms, and I suspect that is the reason. There are also some very good selectorized machine options out there, and I will frequently use them when in a hurry or wanting to change the routine up.

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