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Decline Triceps Extensions

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You've probably all performed the standard Triceps French Press lying on a flat bench. These are commonly called, "Nose Breakers," or, "Skull Crushers," depending on where the trainer is lowering the bar to. However, if you do them on a decline bench, you can really change the intensity of the exercise.

I usually try to find an incline situp board that isn't being used for my decline bench. You don't have to worry about the rack on the decline bench press getting in your way with the situp board. You can experiment with the different angles on the board to find the one that best suits your intensity level. The steeper the angle, the harder the exercise is. However, I prefer only a slight decline on this exercise. It seems to best hit my triceps and give me the best pump.

The exercise is performed the same as in the flat bench version. You lower the bar to the bridge of your nose or forehead and the press the bar overhead by extending your arms.

If you've never tried them before, give the Decline Triceps Extension a shot. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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