Squat alternatives bad back

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Absolutely No Squats

Posted by Stewart

My chiropracter has lowered the boom - no more squats. I am trying to put together a program for my lower body to keep me from falling apart!

Legs won't be a problem but I still need to take care of my lower back. I am doing some light deadlifts and the rows with the pulley. I've read recently about the hack or straddle lift where you take a wide stance. It is also called the sumo-style deadlift. Has anyone tried this before?

Re: Absolutely No Squats

Posted by Alan


The "hack" and the "Straddle" are two different lifts.

The hack lifts are performed with the barbell behind the legs. Bending at the knees while keeping the back straight and the arms hanging at the sides(or slightly behind) the body. You lower yourself down to the bar and lift by straightning the legs. You will use a palms facing away grip for this exercise. The exercise is easier if you can bring the bar up higher by sitting it on blocks. Also, many styles of "Hack Machines" have been produced and can still be found in many "Hard Core" gyms.

The Straddle lift you mention may also be known as the "Jefferson" lift. With the legs straddling the bar you bend at the knees (once again, keeping the back straight) and with an opposing hand grip, you lift the bar by again standing or straightning the legs.

If you have a back problem; the straddle lift might aggrevate the problem because of the "twisting" action that can be caused by the opposing hand grip.


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