Ted Arcidi bench press routine

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Ted Arcidi routine

Posted by cpods

I have been using partial benches in the power rack and have had good success with it. For the first couple of weeks, I used a 3-4 inch range of motion. After about a month, I increased the range of motion by placing the bench on some 45s. My chest was sore everytime I did this for about three weeks. I did three sets of 6 reps, and each set was challenging. Remember, you have to start pushing the weight from a dead stop, meaning momentum is limited. The fourth time I did this the weight flew up. On my regular bench days, I found I could lift heavier weight. Using the power rack to do partials is part of a Ted Arcidi routine I am currently using. There were times on this routine where I thought I might be overtraining, but I stuck with it, and am now reaching new levels of strength. The key to this routine is to do only the prescribed number of reps. Pushing yourself to do more reps too early in the program will likely hault your progress. The time to push yourself will come later. If anyone is interested in the routine, type Ted Arcidi into a search engine. The name of the article is called "strengthen your sinews". It makes reference to strong men such as Chuck Sipes. Arcidi is one of a handful of men to bench over 700lbs.

Re: Ted Arcidi routine

Posted by TS

Was impressed by your post last week so I tried it during my workout. I've been in a slump for the past six months having reached a sticking point on the bench. I think the partials may be the ticket! Not having the momentum has forced me to draw on my own power.

I've kept a journal of my benchpress for the past two years. I will let you know how this routine works out.



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