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Gaining Weight for Teens

Article care of midwestsupplements.com

I often get asked by parents of highschool athletes, "My son needs to gain weight to be competitive. What should he be eating?" Gaining weight can be a problem for active teens. There are usually two main culprits that hold the athlete back from gaining weight.

Usually athletes are very active kids. They are always in some sort of after school sport or hanging around getting in a pickup game of some sort. These types of activities lead to extra calories being burnt which makes it difficult to gain weight.

Another problem is that being active takes the hunger away for the time being. While the teens are out in that pickup game or practice, they aren't eating. It prolongs the time between meals which also makes it difficult to gain weight.

If you want to gain weight or want your child to, it is absolutely critical that you eat every 2-4 hours throughout the day. This will involve taking meal replacement bars or drinks throughout the day in between regular food meals. Here could be a typical day for your child:

7:00am - Breakfast at home - 3 eggs, two pieces of toast, 16oz glass 2% milk.

10:00am - ISS Pro 42 Bar between classes

12:30pm - school lunch

3:30pm - Whey Protein drink taken in shaker cup, mixed with water immediately after school

6:30pm - Dinner at home - Whatever you're having

9:30pm - Champion Nutrition Superheavy Weight Gainer or some sort of sandwich (turkey, roastbeef, etc.)

Most kids and parents will look at this and think it's overdoing it. It's not. This is the bare bones minimum of what it takes to gain substantial amounts of weight. This type of schedule needs to be followed religiously in order to produce results. It will produce results.

Keep in mind that if weight gain is not happening after one week, you need to up the calories per meal. If too much body fat is developing and weight gain is occuring too rapidly, you may need to reduce the calories per meal.

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