Top 5 greatest bodybuilders of all time

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Top 5 Best Bodybuilders

Posted by Stewart


This might be a tough one to answer, but who do you think had the best physiques from your era? How about a top 5?


Re: Top 5 Best Bodybuilders

Posted by Leo

Hi Stewart,

This is a difficult question but right off the top of my head, the six (couldn't fit it into five) top bodybuilders during my era (in no particular order) were:

John Grimek, Reg Park, Steve Reeves,George Eiferman, Bill Pearl and Clancy Ross.

Having said that, there were many great bodybuilders that deserve equal recognition. I was thinking of doing an article on this subject in which I would discuss the reasons why. It would involve muscularity, definition, symmetry, posing, personality on and off stage, etc.



Re: Top 5 Best Bodybuilders

Posted by fitn45kevin

For what it's worth, from a 45 yr old who missed the boat on the great BB's of the 40s and 50s but who has the mags and books of that period, I'd like to throw my two cents in on who's the best:

Most Massive - Reg Park, Jack Delinger
Most Proportionate - Steve Reeves, Leo Robert
Most Muscular - Clancy Ross
Best Poser - John Grimek, hands down (including all BBs to the present!)
Best Chest - George Eifferman
Best Shoulders - Reeves
Best Arms/Forearms - Bill Pearl, Leroy Colbert
Best Abs - Leo Robert
(honorable mention - George Paine)
Best Thighs - Grimek, Park, Pearl
Best Calves - Reeves

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