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Bench Dips

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Lately in my gym, there have been several people doing bench dips. I can't believe it! Bench dips are an obscure exercise that isn't well known to many people. On top of that, they are quite difficult to set up and perform properly. However, when done right, they can really fry your triceps at the end of your workout.

To set this exercise up, you'll need access to two flat benches. You need to place them parallel across from each other. The spacing will be such that you can rest your heels on one bench while putting your hands on the other with your body in between the benches. You then lower yourself down until your butt touches the ground and then back up again until your arms are fully extended and locked. The bench behind your back will give you just enough clearance to go down and execute the exercise.

When including bench dips in my tricep routine, I only do them as a finishing movement. I also will have to add weights on top of a rubber mat placed on my legs to have enough resistance. Otherwise, I would be bench dipping into next week. This is what makes the exercise such a pain to set up and perform. For advanced lifters, you will need a spotter or two. Novices, who can't perform many regular dips, can probably benefit from doing bench dips without weight.

If you opt to try bench dips, be careful when setting it up and always use a spotter or two. More than likely, people in the gym will wonder what you're doing. Have confidence knowing you're doing a hardcore exercise that many people just haven't been exposed to.

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