Vince Gironda methods

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Vince Gironda training methods

Posted by Enrico

Vince was famous for 8x8 routine but he has made some methods of body building. Can someone tell me other methods of Iron Guru?

Re: Vince Gironda training methods

Posted by TJ

Vince was known for a lot of innovative training and nutrition practices. He did not advocate doing squats, instead opting to do sissy squats,hacks, and leg extensions. He also did dips with a reverse grip, with wide hand spacing, drag curls,preacher curls, and many other ideas that went against the grain of training practices in his day. He was also one of the first people to do crunches, and make them well known.

As far as diet went, some of the things Vince recommended were eating large amounts of eggs ,never drinking liquids with meals,not eating protein and carbs, at the same meal,and ingesting protein drinks made with Half & Half.

10 sets of 10, as well as 8 sets of 8, training arms once every hour in an effort to put on an inch of muscle in one day, were all some of the ideas Vince preached. He built a physique that was ahead of it's time,as far as muscularity went.

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