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Bodybuilding Contest Water Depletion

If you want to look the best that you can by showing striations on your body-parts then you need to go the extra mile. Depleting the excess water in your body will help to make your muscles look rock hard but how do you do this without getting any serious side effects.

A very common approach to water depletion is done by simple sodium loading while cutting the water intake. The increase in sodium allows your body to be tricked into releasing more water than usual as the salt intake is stopped suddenly on the last two days. From 5 000 mg of sodium every day for a week before the contest starts to a sudden stop.

When there are three days left to the event suddenly all salt is cut out until zero sodium is reached on the last day and the competition day. Another strategy would start the sodium load two weeks before the contest with well-planned decreases to zero mg of salt the last day.

To make any salt loading effective it needs to be combined with a steady decrease in water taken in. Together the body will start to rid itself of any excess water that may be found in the muscle and intracellular tissue. The increase of water intake should be accentuated with a very specific reduction in water in the last three days before the contest.

Because your body is built to survive it will release anti-diuretic hormones that will be released if water depletion continues for too long. If you drink up to two gallons a day of water before cutting down in the last three days you will eliminate all anti-diuretic hormones produced by your body.

Another option to follow this water depletion is to include carbohydrate and glycogen loading. The idea comes from what science has shown us that when the muscle glycogen is pumped into the muscles they will pull in any subcutaneous water along with it back into the muscles, making them look hard and striated as the last water under the skin starts to withdraw.

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