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Measuring Weight Gain

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I see so many people try to gauge their weight gain or loss by simply stepping on a scale once a week. Bodyweight flucuations can really mess up this haphazzard approach to weight monitoring and can really send the wrong message about how to adjust your diet at times.

When trying to determine how my current diet plan is affecting my weight whether my goal is to gain weight or lose weight, I always weigh on a daily basis. I always weigh at the exact same time of day also. These factors are very key to getting an accurate picture of what is really going on.

By weighing daily, you can come up with an average weight for each week. This average weight is obtained by adding up all of your weights for the entire week and dividing by seven (the number of days). You can then compare your average weight of week 1 to week 2 etc. This will really show the picture of how your current diet and training program is affecting your body weight goals and allow you to make adjustments as needed.

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