Weight lifting injuries

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How to prevent injuries in weightlifting

Posted by Sid

I have a theory on why there are so many injuries in weightlifting. I was wondering if doing big compound movements and also doing isolation movements in the same week or even the same day can cause it...we all know compound movements are the best for strenght and mass. we also know that during compound movements secondary muscles are affected and stressed. then people use those same muscles to do isolation movements. ive always thought and heard that overtraining can lead to injuries. because when you beat yourself down to much it puts more stress on bodyparts you dont want stressed like ligaments, muscle, joints etc. now to the meat of my question for you guys that have been around in this sport for decades. back in the day did weightlifters use less isolation movements and were there less injuries documented because of that?

Re: How to prevent injuries in weightlifting

Posted by Alan


Can't say for sure if the combination of isolation and compound movements has any thing to do with it. I can tell you that my own experience over these years has shown that the majority of injuries have been caused by a trainee trying to use either too much weight, improper form, or forced reps.

The majority of the injuries I have seen have been to the Shoulder/chest area followed by the Knees or elbows. The exercises seem to be the Bench press, pull-up, squat and straight bar biceps curl. I do believe it is the trainee at fault for the injuries and not the exercises.


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