Weight Lifting Injury

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Training With Injuries

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OK. I have to admit it. I really screwed up this last week. I had a somewhat painful rotator cuff injury from the previous week's back workout going into last week. It was starting to feel marginally better by Monday. Had I modified my workout or rested it, I probably would have been back to full strength by this week, but I didn't! I plodded right along as if nothing were wrong - BIG MISTAKE!

The injury became more painful and severe to the point where I lost signifigant range of motion in my shoulder socket. I also lost signifigant strength. This week I will be drastically modifying my workout and more than likely not lifting at all.

It's very counter-productive to try and continue your normal lifting routine when facing a serious injury. You won't get much out of the workout in the first place, and you will probably extend the time that you will be forced to train around the injury. You are best to let the injury heal and then get back to your regular result producing workout as soon as possible. I've seen guys go 3-4 months training with injuries and going into a negative spiral of muscle and strength loss.

Always remember, with bodybuilding and weightlifting, it's sometimes necessary to take one step back so you can take two steps forward. Train smart!

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