Weight Lifting Safety Tips

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Respect for the Weights

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Nothing is more irritating than to be in the gym with some obnoxious fool who keeps slamming the weights to the ground. There is absolutely no reason to drop dumbbells from shoulder or waist height to the floor. The same goes for pulling 45's off the bar and just letting them drop. It isn't going to make you bigger and it sure isn't going to impress anyone. Besides, it can damage the equipment and then what the heck are you going to do the next time you need to do a set of incline DB bench press with the 120's and they are broken?

Always take the time to treat the equipment in the gym properly. Take care of the iron that takes care of you. Be polite and courteous to other gym members. Remember, you were a beginner at one time also. If you are a beginner, give the advanced people a break and limit yourself to how many questions you ask per workout of the same guy. :-)

As an athlete, you are always representing yourself, your team, and your sport at all times including when you're in the gym. Don't let people get the wrong impression of you.

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