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Weight Training while Aging

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Weight training is probably one of the best anti-aging tools available to us. Keeping the body strong and in a lean, muscular condition makes us look and feel younger. However, you still must use some good common sense while training as you get older.

A friend of mine recently was bench pressing and felt a tremendous tug at his right pectoral. He can achieve a really large bench press when he trains it regularly. He's about 45 and hasn't benched on a regular basis for a while. He's been doing dumbbells and inclines. He went ahead and continued his workout after the tug. He did quit benching, but did other chest exercises.

He shows up in the gym two days later with a huge bruise from his armpit stretching over the lower section of his pec! His pec doesn't look to be torn all the way through, but a tear of some sort has definitely happend. HE'S IN THE GYM DOING CURLS! I told him he was nuts. He needs to take at least a week or two break and let that pec heal before he does any lifting at all. We mutually decided that bench pressing would not be in his future ever again. He finally realized that a few weeks rest was better than having to have re-attachment surgery and headed home.

Pay attention to your body and use good common sense in the gym. Learn to tell the difference between muscle fatigue pain and injury pain. No pain, no gain only applies to muscle fatigue pain. Applying that principal to joint pain just doesn't make any sense and will get you hurt.

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