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Order of exercises

Posted by Michael

I am back again with what I hope is not too simple of a question for this board. I have checked previous posts, but do not see anything (based on the title in the weight training forum) that might have covered this. I was wondering if there is an order to the exercises that would be best for a work out. Currently I am performing a split routine with the following exercises using free weights ( I have both an Olympic set/bench and standard set/bench, with curl bars and tricep bars as well).

Routine A:

1. Barbell shrug
2. Standing barbell press
3. Close grip bench
4. Lying barbell preacher curl
5. One arm concentration curl
6. Weighted crunch
7. Seated French press (tricep bar)

Routine B:

1. Dead lift
2. Bench press
3. Weighted chin ups
4. Leg extensions
5. Leg curls
6. Dumbell flyes ( butterfly’s)

I also do about 30 minutes 5-6 days a week of high impact cardiovascular exercising for fat loss via outside fast paced bicycle riding. I also use this as the first part of my warm up on lifting days.

As always, anybody’s comments or recommendations would be appreciated.


Re: Order of exercises

Posted by hulk

This is a difficult one with no real right answer. There are many different ways in which you can group your exercises depending on the results you a looking for.

I will put an answer at the end how I would do it but there can be many adaptations such as;

Should would work, chest, shoulders and tricep one day and back and bicep the next because of the muscle tie in. some will do pushng exercises one day and pulling exercises the next. Some will train the large muscle groups first with the small ones later, others the other way around. There are pre exhaust, muscle confusion, drop sets, supers sets, phew!

The best answer I can give you without an indepth look at your training and talking about which exercises you like and dislike are this,

On a split, logically split your body in two training one body part twice a week. There are advantages to lumping certain muscle groups together i/e chest and triceps but remember if you need gains in your triceps then the bench press will take a lot out of them before you train them (same for the rowing movement for biceps) Remember the arms are only small muscle groups, as much as we may wish they are 27 inches! Don't go daft on them, one exercise is sufficent but you could alternate this in the week. Close grip bench and bench are are very similar movement, do only one in your split. For size the big compund exercises are the best, why do leg extensions and leg curls when squats will do. Why barbell shrug and deadlift, do a deadlift shrug!


Shoulders - front Press
Chest - Bench press
Triceps - to suit
Legs - Squat, calf raise


Back - deadlift/shrug, chins
Bicep - Arm curl
Assistance exercises such as reverse arm curls, grip, hyperextensions

On Thursday and Friday you could do the same or throw in a could of different exercises. go heavy one session a week moderate another.

If you don't make gains think about training three days a week with it taking two weeks to train the entire body twice.

don't forget to eat and rest!

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